Shwirl utilises Astropy to handle FITS files and World Coordinate System, Qt (and PyQt) for the user interface, and VisPy, an object-oriented Python visualisation library binding onto OpenGL.

These are pre-requisites to be able to use the software.

In particular, current version relies on Python 3 and PyQt5. A bundled version of VisPy is included in the extern repository as custom modifications have been made that are not readily available via the official version.

Example installation procedure

Depending on your operating system and your current configuration, installation steps may vary. In general, you can install it using the following:

First, install Qt5. It can be downloaded via the Qt website. You also need PyQt5, which can be installed via a package manager like pip, brew, etc. E.g.

pip3 install PyQt5

Install with pip

You can install shwirl with pip:

pip3 install shwirl

Once installed, in your terminal, you can launch shwirl by typing:


Python 2.7 / PyQt4 users

PyQt4 (and Python 2.7) are also supported.

Installing PyQt5 from scratch (example)

N.B. The following will vary depending on your OS and your different setings.

Download sip here.

cd sip-4.19.1/
sudo make
sudo make install

Download PyQt5 from the same location.

cd PyQt5_gpl-5.8.1/
sudo python3 --qmake /home/ubuntu/Qt5.7.0/5.7/gcc_64/bin/qmake --sip-incdir /usr/include/python3.4m py_inc_dir=/usr/include/python3.4m
sudo make
sudo make install